Blur is a company that has turned out some amazing animation and motion graphics. They have released some of my favorite CGI animations. If you want, you can find them on YouTube, but that would be a real disservice to the artists at Blur. You should really try to watch the Quicktime clips linked below.

Aunt Luisa

Aunt Luisa is a quirky lady that hears music playing all the time.

Watch Aunt Luisa

Gopher Broke

A hungry gopher will try almost anything to procure some tasty veggies.

Watch Gopher Broke

In The Rough

Man has evolved throughout the ages … Relationships, unfortunately, have not. After being kicked out of his cave, Brog discovers that living a bachelor’s life is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

Really funny stuff. Watch In the Rough.


This is one of the best CGI shorts I’ve ever seen, and is one of my favorites. Not just because it looks terrific (and it does) but because they did such a great job depicting the relationship between the characters, and displaying the technology without killing it with exposition. This is genuine science fiction.

Watch Rockfish