If I was going to try and select a city block downtown based on income-per-square-foot, I think I could do far worse than choosing one of the blocks of Pioneer Place. With tenants like Sharper Image, Swarovski, Saks, and a food court that is nearly always bustling with customers, you would think that the earning potential in our little urban mall was maxed out.

Ah, but someone in Sales and Marketing is going to get a big fat Christmas bonus this year, because they managed to identify and monetize the few square feet of remaining space that were not already actively earning income:

Why Shop Thirsty?

That is one of the small tables in the food court at Pioneer Place. Yes, after bustling and shopping, after fighting the crowds, when you finally get to sit down and enjoy your bento/pizza/burger/taco, now you get to stare at a giant ad the whole time.