Hokay, the PAgent family went out and bought the traditional metric buttload of fireworks this morning. Since we usually get a bunch and set them off in the cul-de-sac, we’ve sort of created a tradition in the neighborhood of gathering for the light show. Every year we somehow end up buying more than the year before. Fireworks is one thing I don’t begrudge, however. I may kvetch about other holidays, but I have nothing but love for fireworks and Halloween.

In the afternoon, I tried to settle my tire issues. HA! The only 20″ tire that the recumbent bike shop had was a Tioga slick. I don’t ride on slicks. For one thing, with my weight and fitness level, speed is not my ultimate priority. For another, this is Portland, for God’s sake. We always have water on the road. Why would you try to ride on tires without tread?

So, after striking out at the recumbent shop, I drove across town to two other bike shops, with no luck. I need a 20″ front tire and a 26″ rear tire, but the only 20″ tires anyone had were BMX tires. I don’t need a BMX tire.

So, back to the internet. It’s bad enough I have to try and decide which tires will suit me and my riding style the best, but now I get to pay additional shipping charges and enjoy the delay before delivery. Just because I need to keep exercising, I ponied up for faster shipping. But man, it pisses me off.

I decided to try some Schwalbe Marathons. I read good things about them on various forums, and I just want to try something else and see how they feel. While I have the wheels off the bike, I might as well replace the brake pads and regrease the bearings. Sigh.